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Increase patient volume and customer satisfaction by adding our Doctor Finder tool to your website!

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Doctor Finder

Our Doctor Finder a medical search bar that is integrated into your website to help patients find the right professional in a matter of seconds.

Patients can search by name, specialty, treatment or symptom.

Our search algorithm displays real-time suggestions with patient-friendly terms.

Easy to use and intuitive, your site visitors are converted into patients.

Available in English and Spanish.

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Doctor Results

Our Doctor Results display doctors in your network based upon patient criteria.

Your doctors are displayed with their full name, specialty, location, and contact info.

Patients can filter results by treatment, subspecialty, area of focus, insurance, location, languages spoken and gender.

User-friendly options make the doctor selection process more efficient.

*For a complete solution you can utilize our Doctor Profile and Online Appointment options

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Doctor Profile

Offer individualized profiles to each doctor in your network through our Doctor Profile solution. With unique mini-websites made for each of your doctors, patients will have access to relevant, accurate, and complete info.

Display your doctors' education, certifications, photos, and more.

Provide your doctors with online presence so that they can manage their reputation and increase their patient volume.

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Appointments & Messages

Our Online Appointments and Messaging solution is something your patients will love! Your patients will be able to book appointments 24/7 and send messages directly to your doctors.

Real-time, instant appointments increase patient conversion and user experience.

The patient to doctor onsite messaging enhances patient engagement.

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